27 years old.

Singer/ Vlogger.

I was born and raised in Alexandria, but in 2016 I decided to break the first layer of the shell, pack up, and move to live in Cairo. 

I graduated from Alexandria university and got a great job in the HR department in a huge bank in Cairo. Then 3 years later I decided I wanted to break another layer of the shell and get out of my comfort zone even more. So, I left my job at the bank and decided to shift my whole career to something new, different and that I actually had absolutely no idea about, Coaching. In Jan. 2019, I started a new job in a coaching school, I thought it would impossible to start again from scratch and be good at what you do now, but it’s really not. I know it sounds cliché but all you need to reach your goals is persistence, hard smart work and asking for help when you need it.

Today, I am a certified life coach and soon to be relationship coach, and if you had told me a year and half ago that this is what I would be doing I wouldn’t have believed you, because you see, back then I didn’t think there was a possibility to understand yourself that well, to learn so much about people and their way of thinking, to understand that everyone has a reason for what they are doing and how they are doing it. And the most important thing I learned from coaching, is that self-care is what gets you to your long-desired dreams, mine was singing, I had been neglecting that dream for so long, thinking no one would care and giving too much authority to people’s opinions and point of views, but that changed with coaching, I learned that if you do something with enough passion and care, people ought to see  it through your eyes.